Kingfish Zeeland

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“Sustainability is at the core of Kingfish Zeeland’s values.”

Kingfish Zeeland joined in March 2019

“Sustainability and best practices are a core value at Kingfish Zeeland. We strive to continuously improve and raise the bar further on the criteria by which we evaluate our operation. We are therefore proud to be the first ASC & BAP certified Yellowtail Kingfish producer, and to be designated a green choice by the Good Fish Foundation and Seafood Watch.”

More about Kingfish Zeeland

Kingfish Zeeland operates a fully integrated full cycle land based farm in the Netherlands, from hatchery to grow out and on to (BRC certified) packing and processing. Located in the coast of the Oosterschelde, a Natura 2000 nature reserve, we use pristine North Sea water to grow our fish, and deliver fresh within 24-48 hours from harvest across the EU.

For more information visit our website.