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red mullet

Fish Friday: red mullet

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We are grateful to Great British Chefs for offering their hints and tips on cooking red mullet – a fish which deserves more attention in the UK and which is much loved on the continent. You can read it as part of ClientEarth’s Fish of the Fortnight series on the Hot Air blog.

“Rarely will you hear someone say they’re popping down the local chippie for a red mullet and chips, or that they got up extra early to buy some red mullet at the local fishmongers.”

Bon appetit!

woman looking at fish

Give us your feedback on our labelling code

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We have written a voluntary code of conduct to make labelling on fish and seafood consistent and easy to understand.  The draft of the ‘SSC Code of Conduct on Environmental Labelling and Self-Declared Environmental claims of Fish and Seafood’ has been agreed by our members. We are now seeking feedback from the general public and interested stakeholders for a period of six weeks (26 April – 7 June 2013).

You can download the code, a simple and detailed explanation document, and the feedback form. Please return the feedback from to by Friday, 7 June 2013.

ClientEarth, as secretariat of the SSC, will collate the feedback and present it to the SSC members. Feedback will be considered and if necessary, amendments made, before final sign off and implementation by the members. The final code will be available to download on this website.

Photo: Another Seb